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obama's handling of the economy. giving you the power to prosper. adam: breaking news, faa approved boeing 787 dreamliner battery system, this is a key step for that aircraft to resume passenger flight, boeing shares up 2%, and air line industry is seeking a stay in dc, washington d.c. courts to avert air traffic furloughs, you heard jeff flock talking about those, saying you could expect 3 1/2 hours delays if the furloughs take place. tracy: dell shares getting hit after blackstone lost interest in pursuing the pc maker, laying out main concerns in a sharply worded letter to dell, liz macdonald on the story. >> good to be with you. they have walked away after examine dell's books, i tell you, when they -- what they said in the letter, really eyebrow raising, looking at some dell's unprecedented 14% market decline in pc volume in first quarter 2013, that is in the letter. and basically what we're seeing is that drop that 14% drop, is worse than what the average for market, about a 13% drop. and smmrtphones and tablets are chewing into dell's, the letter announced. steepest drop in h
of the hour about the suspicious package addressed to president obama. the testing has shown it does contain ricin. we have this on top of everything else. i guess the system has worked, though, in terms of the outside facility that they use to scan the mail. we are going to talk about that topic we mentioned just a moment ago. it has reopened the debate, privacy versus safety. dagen: here to debate that is judge andrew napolitano. judge, good to see you. >> good morning. dagen: do we need to worry about encroachment on our privacy just as an aftermath of this bombing? >> yes, we do. there is a natural inclination when they are afraid to reach for safety rather than liberty. in both of those inclinations, it is liberty that is sacrifice. often, i know this sounds like a clichÉ, it is true and it is a clichÉ. think about the things that we thought were radical and we gave up at the time of 9/11. federal agents can write their own search warrants. we wrote the fourth amendment so that would not happen. that is not common place. the government will reach for more power. it wants its job to be
sweeping legislation to overhaul the nation's immigration system in what is said to be a landmark of president obama's second term agenda. the effort would create legal avenues for international workers to come to the u.s. and put the 11 million immigrants currently living here illegally on a 13-year path to citizenship. >>> hope and solidarity lit up brooklyn last night as the artist of the illuminator projected these words on the brooklyn academy of music, "darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that." they sent a message of support from our city to the great city of boston. 7:16, you're up to date. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much, natalie. we are looking at more snow. we cannot get rid of this snow it seems, in fact the denver rockies who are going to be playing the mets their game was snowed out yesterday, probably again today. look at all the snow from duluth, minnesota, all the way into utah, heaviest amounts are going to be about a foot or more from cheyenne to casper as far as rapid city, south dakota. we're going to get your loca
that this is not a fair system, it is not justified for them to be able to do. president obama made this a big priority of his during the 2008 presidential campaign. congress was unwilling to work with him one way or the other on that, and that is the reason why it still remains open and it is kind of a sore for him as well as capitol hill, washington, and a lot of the legal community. rewinding history, the bush museum let you decide. a number of exhibits, including a complete replica of the oval office. of $250 million. the dedication ceremony will take place on thursday. president obama will join all living former presidents at this event. there is a related piece this morning in the washington post. at the from a professor u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. the use of history, ideology as a political weapon, which means the corruption of history as history. bush may or may not have been a great president. he may be considered average or below average, but the nation deserves better than this partisan rush to judgment. thing worth noting is that history does change a lot of times. people who
legislation to overhaul the nation's immigration system today, in what is said to be a landmark of president obama's second term agenda. the bipartisan effort would create legal avenues for international workers to come to the u.s. and put the 11 million ill grants currently living here illegally on a 13-year path to citizenship. >>> you're up to date with the headlines today, six minutes after the hour. >> a busy weather day as well. a snowstorm to talk about, and severe weather back through wyoming. we're talking about anywhere from 6 to 9 inches of snow over the next 24 hours. ahead of this system, where we've got all this snow, we've got warm air meeting cold air, and where that happens, we've got the risk of strong storms from abilene, texas, in through missouri, central ohio, and alabama, chance of tornadoes. tomorrow an even stronger risk fo >>> well, it's 9:07 now. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. we're still tracking these winds and they are picking up as we speak. they will be strongest between noon and 5:00. get ready for strong gusts especially at the coast. upwar
wednesday, thursday into friday. not much change. in fact, this may be the system for a while. very quiet pattern. >>> we're following new developments in the boston marathon bombings. the fbi just held a news conference and president obama is about to make another public statement at any moment. >> reporter: in the wake of the boston marathon bombings, security is being stepped up from b.a.r.t. to beta breakers. we'll tell you more about that -- coming up. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where the family is grieving the loss of their little girl. we'll tell you what happened in this fire and the attempts to save her. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. the 2013 c-class. starting at $35,350. >>> 8:29. happening right now -- president obama is scheduled to deliver a statement on the boston marathon bombings from the white house. we're looking at live pictures, obviously, report, the camera
. john mccain and chuck schumer met yesterday with president obama about the legislation created by the so-called gang of 8. the president issued a statement after the meeting supporting the bill and calling for action. the legislation would dramatically remake the u.s. immigration system with a path to citizenship for immigrants here illegally. two new guest worker programs, one for farm workers, another one for low-wage laborers and a renewed focus on border security. >>> according to the washington post facebook worked hard to get a provision in the reform bill that will be helpful to technology companies. the proposed new rules would allow facebook and other high- tech companies to avoid a requirement that they make a good faith effort to recruit americans for jobs before hiring foreign workers. the high-tech industry has long complained about a shortage of qualified engineers and other high-skilled workers here in the u.s. >>> america is footing most of the bill when it comes to overseas military bases. the senate armed services committee has found the u.s. is paying $10 bil
and the government? and make people feel safe in their quality of health? that is the challenge for president obama's next term in office. >> because of the controversy, the affordable care act is one of the most important issues that president obama should address in his next term. we desperately need to reform our current system. by reforming the system into something we can all agree on, we can improve the economy and benefit all americans, even the ones who cannot currently afford health care. >> congratulations to all the winners in this year's competition. to see more winning videos, go to moments, comments on how furloughs are affecting air travel. in about half an hour, janet napolitano on the immigration bill proposed by a bipartisan group of senators. after that, i discussion of the obama administration's decision not to treat the boston marathon bombing suspect as an enemy combatants. >> a couple of sub committees hold hearings tomorrow on budget request. we will have live coverage on c- span 3. a look of the federal aviation administration 2014 budget, that is live at 10
of the arctic sea ice. if you remember the symbolic picture of governor christie and president obama embracing a few days before the presidential election, a political event thought impossible by almost every commentator in the u.s. clinical system -- it was the melting of the arctic sea ice that brought them together. forcating the implication the american political system. the third reason is the enormous resources in the arctic. it has been estimated that about a quarter of the untapped energy resources can be found within the arctic. in addition to various minerals and other important items. one of the reason why the president of south korea visited greenland last year, and why you have a long list of global corporations wanting to engage in formal agreements with the new self-government in greenland. for all these reasons, the arctic has become the crucial political strategic and economic .heater of the 21st century we should also be respectful and remember that within the arctic there are people who have lived there for thousands of years, people who have made the arctic the neighborhood
don't know what any test results were on the obama letter. both letters were intercepted before they reached their intended address, the u.s. capitol building and the white house. moments ago, senator minority leader mitch mcconnell says that means that security systems that have been put in place worked. >> i would like to recognize the postal and law enforcement officials for their excellent work in detecting and preventing this threat before it even reached the capitol. they proved the proactive measures we put in place do in fact work. >> reporter: and this fbi operations bulletin we have excuse i havely obtained that all exposed individuals are asymptomic which means they're not sick. that is good news because ricin poison can be deadly and there is no antidote for it. jon? jon: any idea who sent the letter? >> reporter: this bulletin says the fbi is following up on multiple leads about potential senders but their investigation continues. last night we herd democratic senator claire mccaskill from missouri say, her understanding was that investigators were zeroing in on som
too many people to know how the air traffic control system works. . . >> the white house director of national drug control policy spoke last week about the obama administration's response to substance abuse. gil kerlikowske also announced a $1.4 million grant to the national association of drug court professionals for their work in helping nonviolent offenders with substance abuse. hosted by the national press club in washington, d.c., this is just over 50 minutes. >> well, good afternoon, everybody. it's a great pleasure, and it's a great honor to be with all of you. first, let me thank so many people for being here today. and thank you for that wonderful introduction and the information, and i'm so glad you had a chance to spend some time with general dean who's somebody i'm going to talk about a lot in a few minutes along with a couple other people up here, also, that i've been so impressed with. the drug policy issue, the drug policy problems are really complex, and they're really difficult, and that's why i'm so appreciative of this forum to be able to talk a little bit more
2008, president obama has ignored many of the immigration laws enacted by congress and has instead created his own immigration system that unlawfully provides protections for millions of illegal aliens. has done, congress nothing to stop the president, and i submit to everyone that america will never have an gration system as ng as presidents and their appointees are permitted to ignore the u.s. congress and pick and choose the laws they will enforce, and indeed, in actor own laws without congress through agency policy. this bill does nothing to address these problems. in fact, unbelievably, it gives far greater authority and control to the president and the secretary of dhs. exactly the opposite of what our country needs to create a consistent and effective immigration system. if the laws enacted by congress are not enforced by the executive, america has the promise of future enforcement. that much is certain. immigration agents have fought a lawsuit against dhs because both have in -- fused toor immigration laws enacted by congress. cannot indivfor entering the s illegally or ov
the tennessee valley authority siren system which goes off when water is released from the dams is enough to ensure public safety." "these waters implunge to the citizens," said martin, "who was appointed by president obama in 2010, in a prepared statement. in light of the tremendous protection from liability enjoyed by the corps, i don't think it's reasonable for the corps to ban everyone at all times from these public places." now, mr. president, i'm concluding my remarks because i see the senator from wyoming has arrived. the corps of engineers now has almost everybody in tennessee of any political stripe saying you're taking an unreasonable step. they have the wildlife agencies of tennessee and kentucky saying, we'd like to work with you to help do a better job of ensuring safety below the dams when the water is spilling through the dams, which is 20% of the time. we have the it enten valley authority with dams on the tennessee river makes the couple beerland look like a stream, and the t.v.a. allows fishing below the dams. it has sirens, it has signs, it has whistles, it assumes peop
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